January 31, 2008

My mom is understandably concerned about this study abroad.  I’m not sure if it’s the length of the trip, the location to which I am traveling, or both, but she’s never too excited to listen to me talk about it.  She asked me if I had looked up any students who had gone with this program, and I hadn’t.  Nor did I want to.  I really don’t care what other people thought or if they had a good or bad experience.  Truthfully, you only take the time to write about something when it’s either really great or really awful, and that’s a skewed sample.

However, in my procrastination efforts today, I started looking up travel opportunities in Southern Africa for the extra week or two I have planned after my trip.  I don’t really want to plan anything yet, I’d rather wait and get there and find people who would like to travel as well.  It’d be really neat to go to Madagascar but the trips I’m finding online look insanely expensive.  We’ll see.  Then I thought maybe I could find something like a returned AIFS- S.A. program blog or something, so I started searching.  I can’t find anything.  I’ve been looking for about half an hour and I found one, lonely entry about someone’s experience there.  She had a great time, but is the absence of commentary indicative of the fact that everyone has a mediocre time and my above stated theory holds true?  Or is it because no one goes?  Or because AIFS monitors what is posted about them?  It would be interesting to know.

I have everything submitted.  I think I said that in the last blog.  Everything except 5 passport sized photos, and that’s because I’m not free between 9-5 when AAA is open.  It’ll get done, though.

Oh, and also, I’ve contacted the program coordinator three times.  The first time, I received a prompt, friendly and helpful response.  The last two times I left a voice mail and my call was not returned.  I just looked at my flight information and I realized I selected something incorrectly and wanted to know how to fix it.  Hopefully she will call back.  Hopefully she’s on vacation or some has a reason for being negligent.  I feel a little nervous about AIFS because a friend studied abroad in Italy with them in high school and had some issues with their staff and policies.  I hope I don’t look back and wish I’d learned from her mistakes.


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