Neat Little Package

June 23, 2008

I received my loan last week. It wasn’t actually “early”, but it doesn’t matter. I sent a certified check last Tuesday and got confirmation from AIFS that it was received today. My pre-departure package has also been received in Port Clinton, which means I have my plane tickets, insurance card, detailed intinerary (I cannot wait to read it!), ect. Oh! And my visa came last Friday.

Know what that means?
That means I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED! Awesome. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, so this is a great feeling.
I leave on July 10th and fly from Detroit to London. We stay there for three days and then fly to Cape Town. From what I understand, we will be taken to Stellenbosh where we will be assigned a residence (we have to pick a roommate in London, essentially. Pressure!) and then the next few days are spent on orientation. I’m quite nervous about getting the classes I want, so I will be happy to register. Moving in will also be nice, the dorms sound quite big and fancy in comparison to what I am familiar with. We will also be sitting through quite a few lectures, I think, learning about cultural differences and important things like not letting the region’s wonderful wine get you off-track.

I can’t wait to be there. There is one last hurdle: making sure violence doesn’t errupt again. There is another set of polls in Zimbabwe at the end of the week. Hopefully they are peaceful. They probably will not be peaceful. Hopefully there is no violence or the violence stays in Zimbabwe and doesn’t spread to South Africa threatening my trip. Mugabe is a jerk.


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