Martha in London (2)

November 19, 2011

My school week starts on Monday, so for the next three days, mom had some time on her own while we tried packing everything else in.

While I went to class and a meeting, mom went to the London Zoo.  To my pleasure, she found it somewhat unimpressive.  Ha.  We planned to meet up at Harrod’s after I got out of class.


For those not in the know, Harrods is THE department store.  It has over a million square feet of sales floor and 330 show rooms.  It’s commonly understood that you can get ANYTHING there, and if they don’t have it, they will find it.  The restrictions have maybe slightly expanded in the recent past… you can no longer buy a lion in the pet department. (For those who haven’t seen the video, PLEASE watch this, it’s a side note, but if your heart doesn’t warm up…  Anywho, we met at Harrods for afternoon tea.  We tried crumpets, and decided they are like dense english muffins doused in butter.  Otherwise, we weren’t terribly impressed, so please see me for further guidance on afternoon teas in London if the occasion ever presents itself.  However, I do highly recommend a stroll through the store.  The kitchen department sends my heart a flutter, and if you had any interest in fashion, I’m sure you’d be in heaven.  The store is like a complicated treasure hunt, but they really do have everything I could think of, from original copies of the antique maps you see in lesser stores, to HD televisions that look like mirrors and a food department that is mind blowing.  Lots of fun!  (And I don’t particularly like to shop, so imagine that!)

After Harrods, we hopped on a night tour bus, which hit all of the major sites in London.  (Also highly recommended, at less than half the price of a day trip, but still good for getting an orientation of the city.)

On Tuesday we went out for a full English breakfast, then walked me to the library for some studying before classes while mom wandered around Covent Garden again.

Regency Cafe breakfast

English breakfast with black pudding

English breakfast with chips


King's College London

My library


Casually reading in Trafalgar Square

Wednesday flew by and we jetted off to Scotland!  To be continued…


4 Responses to “Martha in London (2)”

  1. Martha Wallace Says:

    Can’t wait to see what we did in Scotland…anyone else reading this yet?

  2. Aunt Kat Says:

    Miss Jessi, I love all this info. Keep up the good work!

  3. Casey Clah Says:

    Im reading it! Love seeing all your adventures sista xoxo

  4. Casey Clah Says:

    Im reading it! Love seeing all your adventures sista xoxo

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